Make your own chill beats in your browser with the retro Lo-Fi Player

You’re in a room where all the objects make music – the bass on the wall, the drum machine on the couch, even the window is creating atmospheric effects.

You’ve landed in a web app that enables you to make music in your own interactive, 90s-console-styled room using your desktop or mobile browser.

Whether you need a bit of calm background music or want to play around and tweak your own sound while working from home, the Lo-Fi-Player is a nifty way of making chill beats to your own taste.

You can play different instruments using the mouse and adjust the style and volume with a click.

Click on the window for a different view and the background noise changes from rainy night to waves crashing on a beach – a perfect match with the “lazy” drums setting.

Things start heating up when it comes to the melody. You can choose between chill, sad and moody or mix your own musical vibe.

The developers also want to use the app to show how AI can be used in music. The player is part of Google’s Magenta Project.

The AI also generates random melody sequences, which in turn can be mixed with other melodies. This still sounds a bit rough occasionally but if you experiment a bit, you can make your very first, very personal AI hit. – dpa

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